Swine Days'

February 4th & 5th 2025

Palais du Grand Large de Saint-Malo (35)


Swine Days' Research

Espace Reuilly

21, rue Antoine-Julien Hénard
75012 Paris

+33 (0)1 58 39 39 50

By subway:

Line 8 : "Montgallet" station

Line 6 : "Dugommier" station

Lines 6 & 8 : "Daumesnil" station

By bus:

Line 29 : "Mairie du XXIIe"

Line 46 : "Montgallet"

Line 62 : "Daumesnil"

Restaurants :

Jodhpur Palace

Les Jardins de Mandchourie

Le Janissaire

Swine Days' Research
co-organized by IFIP and INRAE.

See the Organization Committee

The "Journées de la Recherche Porcine" (Swine Days), co-organized annually by IFIP and INRAE since 50 years, are used to provide quickly the results of the applied research alongside of players of the swine sector. This congress dedicated to swine gather each year more than 350 attendees: engineers of R&D from the swine sector's companies, zoological technicians, nutritionists, genetists, veterinarians, economists, French and foreign searchers, teachers, journalists…

About 100 puclications are presented each year on these days. More than 40 as oral presentations and as well as forward-looking on current pig events: economy, animal health, livestock handling and welfare management, environment, reproduction, genetics, quality of products…

These communications are from different French organizations: INRAE (11 departments of research), IFIP, ANSES, Chamber of Agriculture, ARVALIS, ENV, … as well as different foreign organizations: Spain (IRTA), Belgian (University), Canada (University of agribusiness food)…

More than 400 participants uncluding non-French speaking to the Swine Days’ Research including a growing number of foreigners (about 20%). On top of that, participants are directly users of the research results: form farmer supply to meat consumption, development managers (about 100 people), industrial of animal feed, veterinarians, teachers, technicians, specialized breeders, and press.

A proceeding (about 400 pages) including texts from communications with French and English abstracts is distributed to each participant during the congress.
French and English current abstracts and texts of past years are available on our website.

Organization Committee

Jean-Pierre BIDANEL

Directeur de recherche à l'INRAE


Ingénieur de Recherche à l'UMR PEGASE - INRAE


Ingénieur de Recherche à l'UMR PEGASE - INRAE


Directrice du Pôle Techniques d'Élevage de l'IFIP

Gwendoline HERVE

Docteur vétérinaire au Pôle Techniques d’Elevage - IFIP

Isabelle LOUVEAU

Responsable d’équipe «Physiologie de la croissance et qualité des produits» à l’UMR PEGASE – INRAE

Isabelle OSWALD

Directrice de Recherche à l'UMR TOXALIM – INRAE

Nathalie QUINIOU

Ingénieur d’études au Pôle Techniques d’élevage - IFIP


Directeur de Recherche à l'UMR PEGASE – INRAE

Christine ROGUET

Ingénieur d'études au Pôle Economie de l'IFIP