JRP Program

  • 9h45

Opening of the 50th Swine Days' Research

by Edwige QUILLET, Chef de Département Génétique Animale à l’INRA

  • 10h - 12h


Sitting chair : Thomas EGLIN, Coordinateur R&D, service Agriculture à l’Adème

Oral communication

  1. Exposure of workers to ammonia and particulates during piglet feeding and fattening pig sorting, Solène Lagadec, Nadine Guingand, Pauline Trucheau, Léa Gabrysiak, Laure Guinot, Mélynda Hassouna
  2. Use of a simplified method to determine emission factors of ammonia and GHG in pig units as a function of management practices, Nadine Guingand et Thomas Eglin
  3. Synthesis - ELFE contribution to the development of ammonia emission factors from building and manure storage in pig production, Aurore Vigan, Nadine Guingand, Sandrine Espagnol, Mélynda Hassouna, Solène Lagadec, Laurence Loyon, Etienne Mathias, Thomas Eglin et Paul Robin
  4. Influence of reduced nutrient supply on performance and environmental impacts of pig fattening in Brazil, Alessandra N.T.R. Monteiro, Paulo Armando V. de Oliveira, Teresinha M. Bertol, Alexandre de M. Kessler, Arlei Coldebella, Jean-Yves Dourmad
  5. Environmental impacts of different innovative feeding strategies on pig farms, Sandrine Espagnol, Didier Gaudré, Aurélie Wilfart, Sylvie Dauguet, Aurélie Tailleur, Florence Garcia-Launay
  6. Estimating the net contribution of French pig livestock to the protein supply for humans, Sarah Laisse, Didier Gaudré, Yvon Salaün, Jean-Yves Dourmad


  1. Passive anaerobic digestion of pig slurry at low temperature during winter: results of Nénufar process at Guernévez, Aurore Toudic, Kristell Lavenan, Patrick Dabert, Thomas Lendormi
  2. Passive anaerobic digestion of pig slurry at low temperature: time of return on investment, Aurore Toudic, Kristell Lavenan, Frédéric Kergoulay, Jean-Yves Carré
  3. Effect of piglets activity on the suspension of the inhalable particles in the air, Solène Lagadec, Oriane Monet, Mélynda Hassouna, Yannick Ramonet
  • 12h15 - 13h45 - Lunch
  • 13h45-15h45

Genetic and meat quality

Sitting chair : Joël BIDANEL, Directeur du Pôle Génétique à l’IFIP

Oral communication

  1. The first reference gene catalogue of the gut microbiome in pigs, Jordi Eestelle, Yuliaxis Ramayo-Caldas, Nicolas PONS, Emmanuelle Le Chatelier, Edi Prifti, Florence Levenez, Catherine Denis, Philippe Monget, Marie-José Mercat, David Guillou, Lilian Leloutre, Arturo Pinon-Quintana, Jean-François Labarre, Mathieu Castex, Emmanuelle Maguin, Joël Doré, Stanislav D. Ehrlich, Claire Rogel-Gaillard
  2. Comparison of performances of commercial pigs sired by boars with low or high potential for boar taint issues, Laurence Maignel, Frédéric Fortin, Patrick Gagnon, Mohsen Jafarikia, James Squires, Brian Sullivan
  3. Synthesis - Fifty years of pig breeding in France: outcomes and perspectives, Jean-Pierre Bidanel, arsaoran Silalahi, Thierry Tribout, Laurianne Canario, Alain Ducos, Hervé Garreau, Hélène Gilbert, Catherine Larzul, Denis Milan, Juliette Riquet, Sandrine Schwob, Marie-José Mercat, Claire Hassenfratz, Alban Bouquet, Christophe Bazin, Joël Bidanel
  4. Impact of the new European Union regulations on pig carcass classification, Gérard Daumas et Mathieu Monziols
  5. Improvement of pork quality by “flash” methionine supplementation in the diet of finishing pigs, Bénédicte Lebret, Dolores I. Batonon-Alavo, Marie-Hélène Perruchot, Yves Mercier, Florence Gondret
  6. Does the vitamin E supplementation in pig diet allow to prevent the risk of developing colorectal cancer in rats compared to a direct addition at the preparation of meat products?, Nathalie Naud, Florence Blas-Y-Estrada, Martine Carlier, Jean-Luc Martin, Edwin Fouché, Aurélie Promeyrat, Françoise Guéraud, Gilles Nassy, Fabrice Pierre


  1. Divergent selection for adrenocortical axis activity: study of responses to stress, Catherine Larzul, Elena Térénina, Yvon Billon, Stéphane Ferchaud, Laure Gress, Hervé Remignon, Hélène Manse, Pierre Mormède
  2. Performance, carcass characteristics and marbling scores of pigs born from Duroc boars selected for intramuscular fat content, Didier Gaudré, Patrick Chevillon, Leire Loyatho, Bernard Le Rossignol
  3. Sex and halothane genotype biases in machine vision estimates of the muscle percentage of pork cuts, Gérard Daumas et Mathieu Monziols
  4. Strategies for reducing boar taint, Evert Heyrman, Sam Millet, Frank Tuyttens, Bart Ampe, Steven Janssens, Nadine Buys, Jella Wauters, Lynn Vanhaecke, Marijke Aluwe
  • 15h45 - 16h30 - Posters exposition and coffee break
  • 16h30 - 18h30

Animal nutrition

Sitting chair : Jaap van MILGEN, Directeur adjoint de l’UMR Pegase de l’INRA

Oral communication

  1. Development of a decision support tool for precision feeding of pregnant sows, Jean-Yves Dourmad, Patrick Gagnon, Ludovic Brossard, Candido Pomar, Laëtitia Cloutier
  2. Consequences on sows and piglets when the gestation or lactation diet is used from arrival in the farrowing unit to the day of Parturition, Nathalie Quiniou, Anne-Lise Guillou, Samuel Danilo, Sylviane Boulot, Hélène Quesnel
  3. Effect of an innovative type of creep feed on the performance and behaviour of piglets before and after weaning, Caroline Clouard, Kelly Venrooij, Anaïs Augé, Ard Van Enckevort
  4. Early short-chain fructooligosaccharide (scFOS) supplementation stimulates maturation of the intestinal immune system of suckling piglets and improves its later immune responsiveness, Cindy Le Bourgot, Emmanuelle Apper, Laurence Le Normand, Sophie Blat, Frédérique Respondek, Stéphanie Ferret-Bernard, Isabelle Le Huërou-Luron
  5. Influence of sequential feed distribution and mixing strategy on weaning performance and gut health of piglets, Eric Royer, Nathalie Lebas, Marion Lapoujade, Robert Granier
  6. Effect of two copper sources on growth performance and copper status of weaned piglets, Agathe Roméo, Stéphane Durosoy, Jurgen Van Baal, Paul Bikker
  7. Effect of digestible calcium level on the digestible phosphorus requirement of fattening pigs, Arnaud Samson, Eric Schetelat, Maxime Quentin, Claire Launay


  1. Effect of dietary 25-hydroxycholecalciferol and cholecalciferol on the performance of gestating and lactating sows and their litter, Daniel Planchenault, Bertrand Renouf, Antoine Meuter, Jean-Marc Thoby
  2. Effect of trace mineral type in sow diets on colostrum and milk composition and piglet growth rate, Christof Rapp et Joaquim Morales
  3. Interactions of phytase and two sources of copper on zootechnical performances of post-weaning piglets, Roberto Barea, Alain Bourdonnais, Sandra Edwards, Clare Gaukroger
  4. Effect of highly digestible yeast-derived proteins on the performance of newly weaned piglets, Géraldine Kuhn et Leen Aelbers
  5. Effects of zinc oxide sources and doses on criteria of the intestinal mucosa, Agathe Roméo, Noémie Van Noten, Jeroen Degroote, Wei Wang, Joris Michiels
  6. Evaluation of intestinal inflammatory and permeability markers in piglets fed medicated transition diets, Gemma Tedo, Marta Blanch, Jose J. Pastor
  7. Effects of increasing lignin level through inclusion of coarsely ground raw materials rich in fibre in weaned piglet feed, Noëmie Lemoine, Yann Rospars, David Guillou
  8. Moderate feed contamination with deoxynivalenol in nursery piglets: oxidative and zootechnical impacts, Christopher Marcq, Gil de Clercq, Bart Matton
  9. Impact of medicated or flavor substance feeding strategies on performance and fecal bacterial diversity in piglets, Tristan Brehelin, Sébastien Comyn, Lilian Leloutre, Jordi Estelle, Claire Rogel-Gaillard, Sophie Reys, Cécile Rougier-Borne
  10. Effect of a combination of protected organic acids and essentials oils associated to fructo-oligo saccharides and protected zinc oxide on weaned piglet performance after removal of medication, Pierre Adam, Nicolas Destombes, Florence Philippe, Botond Alpar
  11. Response of starter piglets (8-21kg) to valine, Sam Millet, Marijke Aluwé, William Lambert, Aude Simongiovanni, Joni de Sutter, Bart Ampe, Sam de Campeneere
  12. Dietary amino acid imbalance in post-weaning piglets, Alfons Jansman, Etienne Corrent, William Lambert, Aude Simongiovanni, Jan Ensink, Hans van Diepen
  13. Evolution of whole-body protein and bone mineral content in growing pigs fed with varying dietary calcium and phosphorus contents, Catherine Couture, Rachel Chiasson, Candido Pomar, Marie-Pierre Letourneau-Montminy
  14. Effect of magnesium supplementation on its digestive utilization by growing pigs fed diets with different fiber contents, Anne Boudon, Alberto Conde-Aguilera, Rosa Castellano, Marta Vazquez Gomez, Julie Duclos, Aurélien Trac, Agnès Narcy, Jean-Yves Dourmad
  • 18h30-19h15
  • 50th JRP anniversary Quizz

  • 19h30 -21h00
  • Cocktail offered to all participants

  • 9h-10h30

Animal health

Sitting chair : Nicolas ROSE, Chef d’unité Epidémiologie et Bien-être du Porc à l’ANSES Laboratoire de Ploufragan

Oral communication

  1. Pig movements should be taken into account to organise pathogen surveillance in the pig production sector: application to hepatitis E virus, Morgane Salines, Mathieu Andraud, Nicolas Rose
  2. Synthesis - La biosécurité en élevage de porcs : enjeux, observance, freins et perspectives de progrès, Isabelle Corrégé et Anne Hémonic
  3. Flu infection during post-weaning: effect of age and interference of a piglet’s passive immunity on clinical, virological and serological parameters after H1N1 virus challenge, Séverine Hervé, Céline Deblanc, Stéphane Gorin, Charlie Cador, Mathieu Andraud, Stéphane Queguiner, Nicolas Barbier, Frédéric Paboeuf, Nicolas Rose, Gaëlle Simon
  4. Characterization of mitochondrial energy metabolism and oxidative stress in low- and normal-weight piglets during the peri-weaning period, Jérôme Lapointe, Aliny Ketilim-Novais, Noémie Bergeron, Caroline Roy, Martin Lessard, J. Jacques Matte
  5. Biological markers associated with robustness of piglets at weaning, Arnaud Buchet, Elodie Merlot, Pierre Mormède, Elena Terenina, Blandine Lieubeau, Grégoire Mignot, Julie Hervé, Mily Leblanc-Maridor, Anne Lacoste, Jean-Noël Sialelli, Catherine Belloc
  • 10h30 - 11h15 : Posters exposition and coffee break
  • 11h30 - 12h45

Animal health (continuation)

Oral communication

  1. Effect of exogenous nucleotide supplementation on gut health and the cytokine profile of newly weaned piglets fed a high-soybean meal diet, Carmen Camacho Rea, Antonio Garcia Estefan, Serafin Solorio Lopez, Tadele Kiros Gebreyohannes, Géraldine Kuhn
  2. Combined effects of type B trichothecene mycotoxins on pig intestinal health, Imourana Alassane-Kpembi, Philippe Pinton, Olivier Puel, Ting-Chao Chou, Isabelle P. Oswald
  3. Synthesis - Quantify, explain and reduce antimicrobial usage in pig production in Europe: key results of the MINAPIG Project, Lucie Collineau, Anne Hémonic, Stéphanie Bougeard, Stéphane Krebs, Claire Chauvin, Catherine Belloc
  4. Search for antibiotic residues in the French pig industry - Contribution of new techniques to the identification of antibiotics in pig meat, Brigitte Roudaut, Dominique Pessel, Pascal Sanders


  1. Comparaison de la transmission horizontale d’une souche française InDel et d’une souche US non InDel de virus de la diarrhée épidémique porcine (PEDV), Sarah Gallien, Mathieu Andraud, Lionel Bigault, Angélique Moro, Nadège Morin, Gérald Lediguerher, Mustapha Berri, Frédéric Paboeuf, Nicolas Rose, Béatrice Grasland
  2. Research on Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae, M. hyorhinis and M. flocculare in pneumonia: an exploratory study in 41 pig herds, Sarah Fourour, Christelle Fablet, Véronique Tocqueville, Virginie Dorenlor, Florent Eono, Eric Eveno, Isabelle Kempf, Corinne Marois-Créhan
  3. Neonatal piglet diarrhea in France: which pathogens are involved?, Agnès Jardin, Philippe Leneveu, Verena Gotter, Paul Créach
  4. Effect of a blend of plant extracts selected for respiratory and immune actions on growth performance and general condition of weaned piglets, Charlotte Boutry, Christophe Alléno, Thibaut Chabrillat, Sylvain Kerros
  5. Development of an individual automatic weighing device for weaned piglets, Michel Marcon, Yvonnick Rousselière, Anne Hémonic
  • 12h45- 14h15 : Lunch
  • 14h15 - 15h15

Economy and Sociology

Sitting chair : Christine Roguet, économiste à l’IFIP

Oral communication

  1. Evolution of retail channels: situation, perspectives and concerns for the pork sector, Vincent Legendre
  2. The tripartite contract in the pork industry: interests and limits, Yves Trégaro
  3. Evaluation of investment needs to improve economic, environmental and social performances of pig farming, Cyrille Nzally, Alix Bell, Jean-Yves Dourmad, Jean-Louis Peyraud, Médulline Terrier, Hervé Guyomard
  4. How does precision livestock farming impact human-animal relationships and how farmers consider their jobs? Florence Kling-Eveillard, Nathalie Hostiou, Emeline Ganis, Aurore Philibert, Valérie Courboulay, Yannick Ramonet


  1. Pork exports from Germany and Spain: reasons behind the success, Jan-Peter Van Ferneij et Bérengère Lecuyer
  2. Chinese imports of pork: market volume and political strategy as major issues, Jan-Peter Van Ferneij
  3. How do pig farmers’ advisors perceive occupational hazards on pig farms?, Caroline Depoudent, Pauline Trucheau, Thierry Bellec
  • 15h15 - 17h15


Sitting chair : Marie-Christine Meunier-Salaün, ingénieur de recherche, équipe "Le porc dans les systèmes d’élevage", INRA PEGASE

Oral communication

  1. Effect of enriching the sow environment and diet during gestation on maternal stress and piglet survival, Hélène Quesnel, Benoit Peuteman, Elodie Merlot, Armelle Prunier, Catherine Calvar, Fabrice Robert, Marie-Christine Meunier-Salaün
  2. Synthesis - Loose-house farrowing systems for sows: housing and management, performances, working conditions and welfare, Yannick Ramonet, Marie-Estelle Caille, Aude Dubois, Marie-Christine Meunier-Salaün
  3. Identification of farm profiles based on different causes of perinatal mortality, Fanny Pandolfi, Sandra. A. Edwards, Fabrice Robert, Ilias Kyriazakis
  4. Which herd management practices maximize piglet survival?, Thomas Lemoine, Bénédicte Houdouin, Catherine Calvar, Aude Dubois, Florence Maupertuis, Sylviane Boulot
  5. Assessing the different methods of pain management during castration, Valérie Courboulay, Anne Hemonic, Armelle Prunier
  6. From the model to the tool: how to parameterize a pig fattening unit model for on-farm use?, Alice Cadero, Alexia Aubry, Jean-Yves Dourmad, Yvon Salaün, Florence Garcia-Launay
  7. Analysis of individual and pen water intake for growing pigs, Patrick Gagnon, Frédéric Fortin, Laurence Maignel, Jean-Gabriel Turgeon, Violette Caron Simard, Brian Sullivan


  1. Search for salivary biomarkers of the period of gilt receptivity to the boar effect, Ghylène Goudet, Philippe Liere, Cécile Douet, Jonathan Savoie, Stéphane Ferchaud, Florence Maupertuis, Antoine Roinsard, Sylviane Boulot, Armelle Prunier
  2. Breeding of gilts in organic farming: impact of lagged females on reproduction performances and herd management, Sylviane Boulot, Alexia Aubry, Florence Maupertuis, Antoine Roinsard, Ghylène Goudet
  3. Breeding of gilts in organic farming : economic impacts of lagged females, Alexia Aubry, Sylviane Boulot, Florence Maupertuis, Antoine Roinsard
  4. Development and validation of an embedded tool to measure postural activity of lactating sows, Laurianne Canario, Yann Labrune, Jean-François Bompa, Yvon Billon, Laure Ravon, Sébastien Reignier, Jean Bailly, Edmond Ricard
  5. MOGADOR: a two-level tool for decision support on pig farms, Alexia Aubry, Alice Cadero, Yvon Salaün, Jean-Yves Dourmad, Florence Garcia-Launay
  6. Prevalence of tail biting based on carcass observations at the slaughterhouse, Valérie Courboulay et Adèle Drouet
  • 17h15

Closing of the Swine Days' Research

by Bernard Fostier, Directeur Général de l’IFIP-Institut du porc

Contact :