JRP Program

  • 13h45

Opening of the 53rd Swine Days' Research

by Christine CHERBUT, Directrice générale déléguée aux affaires scientifiques de INRAE

  • 14h - 16h


Président de séance : Alban BOUQUET, Ingénieur d’études au Pôle Génétique de l’IFIP

Oral intervention

  1. Analysis of hybridization in French wild boar populations using genome-wide genotyping data, Nicolas Mary, Nathalie Iannuccelli, Geoffrey Petit, Nathalie Bonnet, Alain Pinton, Vladimir Grosbois, Bertrand Servin, Juliette Riquet, Alain Ducos
  2. Maximizing genetic diversity during the creation of a synthetic porcine line, Audrey Ganteil, Silvia T. Rodriguez-Ramilo, Bruno Ligonesche, Catherine Larzul
  3. Revision of adjustment methods for on-farm performance traits in the Canadian Swine Improvement Program, Patrick Gagnon, Laurence Maignel, Pius Mwansa, Brian Sullivan
  4. Genetic trends in the behaviour of sows and piglets in early lactation and their associations with mortality and neonatal growth, Océane Girardie, Chloé Espinoza, Christophe Perry, Martial Lapoumeroulie, Jean Gogue, Olivier Herhel, Jean-Pierre Bidanel, Laurianne Canario
  5. Combining genetics and nutrition in economic and environmental optimization of pig production systems, Tara Soleimani et Hélène Gilbert
  6. Genetic and dietary strategies to improve the sensory and nutritional qualities of pork, Sihem Lhuisset, Isabelle Louveau, Etienne Labussiere, Anne Connan, Bénédicte Lebret
  7. Destructured meat defect: association with carcass, fresh meat and cooked ham characteristics observed during the first study in Belgium (Walloon region), Antoine Clinquart, Nicolas Korsak, Natacha Harmegnies, Raphaël Vanleyssem, Antoine Vautier, Marijke Aluwé, Sophie Renard
  8. Tissue composition of industrial primal cuts and impact simulation of the increased representation of entire male, Gérard Daumas and Mathieu Monziols


  1. Development of a tool to record piglet maturity automatically, Léa André, Jérôme Manceau, Vincent Gauthier, Laurence Liaubet, Agnès Bonnet, Mathieu Monziols, Pauline Brenaut
  2. Validation of blood biomarkers of feed efficiency in the Large White, Duroc and Piétrain lines, Alban Bouquet, Christine Trefeu, Benoit Blanchet, Bruno Ligonesche, Loïc Flatres-Grall, Isabelle Louveau, Hélène Gilbert
  3. Genetic variation in the local pig of Togo: case study of the Maritime and Savanes regions, Koffi G. Somenutse, Mawuli K. Aziadekey, Guiguigbazan K Dayo, Abalo E. Kulo
  4. Evaluating the impact of disturbances on estimating parameters and predicting breeding, Vincent Le, Tom Rohmer, Florence Ytournel, Loïc Flatres-Grall, Bruno Ligonesche, Alban Bouquet, Ingrid David
  5. Genome-wide association analysis of phenotypes related to growth and meat quality in a selected Duroc population, Emilie Tosser, Audrey Ganteil, Aurélie Le Dréau, Bruno Ligonesche
  6. Evaluation of mechanical and compositional characteristics of bellies from Duroc and Iberian pigs, Michela Albano, Albert Brun, Marina Gispert, Begonya Marcos, Juan Florencio Tejeda, Anna Carabus, Maria Font-I-Furnols
  7. Effects of restricted feeding or amino acid deficiency on the muscle content of carcasses and cuts of pigs, Gérard Daumas, Mathieu Monziols, Nathalie Quiniou
  8. A search for new sites for predicting the composition of pork cuts, Gérard Daumas, Mathieu Monziols, David Causeur
  • 16h-16h15 - Break and virtual visit - poster exhibition room
  • 16h15 - 17h30

Animal Welfare

Présidente de séance : Françoise POL, Chargée de projets en bien-être animal à l’ANSES

Oral interventions

  1. Analysis of pre-weaning mortality and associated factors: insights from modelling using available litter records in technical management, Alexia Aubry, Mathilde Klingler, Pauline Brenaut, Alban Bouquet, Brigitte Badouard
  2. Importance of nesting material for sows and piglets, Valérie Courboulay, Eloïse Ganier, Sylviane Boulot
  3. Use of commercial enrichment materials by pigs to improve their welfare, Morgane Leroux, Yannick Ramonet, Nicolas Villain
  4. Impact of a short-term heat challenge mimicking a summer heat wave on thermoregulatory responses and performances in finishing pigs, David Renaudeau
  5. Simulating with the ThermiPig model the impact of fattening room characteristics under different climates on the performance of pigs, Nathalie Quiniou, Alice Cadero, Michel Marcon, Ludovic Brossard


  1. Effect of fibre and tryptophan supplementation and restricted feeding on caudal lesions in undocked growing-finishing pigs, Anaïs Roux, Marion Coumailleau, Lucie Lorieau, Arnaud Cousin
  2. Tail biting: what about putting rubber rings on the tail of bitten pigs as an emergency solution?, Marine Castrec, Valérie Courboulay, Anne-Lise Dauphiné-Morer, Maxime Delsart, Marie-Christine Meunier-Salaun, Catherine Belloc
  3. Pietrain and Duroc undocked pigs raised on deep straw bedding from weaning to slaughter,, Yannick Ramonet et Nicolas Villain
  4. Perception of alternatives to castrating piglets by the pig sector in Wallonia, Sophie Herremans, Virginie Decruyenaere, José Wavreille
  5. Modelling growth and feed consumption curves of growing pigs to update standardized criteria used in technical-economic management, Alexia Aubry, Brigitte Badouard, Michel Querné, Nathalie Quiniou
  6. Breeding pigs outdoors in organic farming: feedback from a diversified system (INRAE Mirecourt, France),, Thomas Puech et Amandine Durpoix
  7. Development of a tool to evaluate human-animal relationships to train current and future pig farmers, Céline Tallet, Patrice Barbier, Thierry Bellec, Xavier Boivin, Mickaël Delion, Caroline Depoudent, Florence Kling-Eveillard, Pierrick Paboeuf, Françoise Pol, Yannick Ramonet, Raphaël Vermeil de Conchard, Nicolas Villain, Valérie Courboulay
  8. Sow behaviour in a free farrowing crate during the first 24 hours postpartum, Morgane Le Goff, Denis Cudrey, Cédric Pincent, Florence Ytournel
  9. Fusing video and accelerometer data to detect postural activity of sows automatically in a farrowing crate, Laurianne Canario, Yann Labrune, Jean-François Bompa, Jean Bailly, Yvon Billon, Laure Ravon, Sébastien Reignier, Edmond Ricard, Mathieu Bonneau
  10. Detecting postural activity of lactating sows using millimetre-wave radar technology, Alexandre Dore, Mathieu Lihoreau, Yvon Billon, Laure Ravon, Sébastien Reignier, Jean Bailly, Jean-François Bompa, Edmond Ricard, Dominique Henry, Laurianne Canario, Hervé Aubert
  11. Comparison of microbiota in piglets with contrasting birthweight and growth, Marion Girard, Marco Tretola, Giuseppe Bee
  12. A new method for collecting urine with a vaginal tampon could facilitate monitoring of urogenital diseases in pig farms, Sylviane Boulot, Aurélie Berardet, Jean Le Guennec
  13. Low birth weight or intra-uterine growth retardation: do they have similar impacts on piglet survival?, Sylviane Boulot and Noémie Letouzey
  • 13h45 - 15h30

Animal Nutrition

Président de séance : David RENAUDEAU, Directeur de Recherche à l’INRAE

Oral interventions

  1. Modulation of bone mineral content in replacement gilts in response to a depletion and repletion protocol, Piterson Floradin, Candido Pomar, Marie-Pierre Létourneau-Montminy, Patrick Schlegel
  2. Algorithm for real-time prediction of daily feed intake in lactating sows, Raphaël Gauthier, Christine Largouët, Jean-Yves Dourmad
  3. Synthèse : Evolution of nutritional concepts and feeding approach in sows: history and perspectives, Jean-Yves Dourmad, Raphaël Gauthier, Charlotte Gaillard
  4. Effects of perinatal short-chain fructo-oligosaccharide (scFOS) supplementation on colostrum’s immune quality and gut microbiota establishment and consequences on piglets’ growth performances, Cindy Le Bourgot et Joris Michiels
  5. Synthèse : The role of nutrition in sow lameness, Karen Wedekind, Mireille Huard, Mercedes Vasquez-Añon
  • 15h30-15h45 - Break and virtual visit - poster exhibition room
  • 15h45 - 17h15

Animal Nutrition (part 2)

Président de séance : David RENAUDEAU, Directeur de Recherche à l’INRAE

Oral interventions

  1. Effects of phosphorus and calcium depletion-repletion on performance and bone mineralization in growing pigs, Marion Lautrou, Candido Pomar, Philippe Schmidely, Marie-Pierre Létourneau-Montminy
  2. Effect of feed restriction and level of amino acid supply on performance of fattening pigs reared under different climatic conditions, Nathalie Quiniou, David Renaudeau, Gérard Daumas
  3. Sugar beet pulp as a substitute for cereals: a tool for improving behaviour and digestive health in the swine industry, Pauline Grimm and Samy Julliand
  4. Impact of meal size and frequency as well as enzyme supplementation on carbohydrate ileal digestibility in growing pigs: in vivo and in vitro study, Elisabeth Chassé, Cecilie Toft Vangsøe, Knud Erik Bach Knudsen, Frédéric Guay, Marie-Pierre Létourneau-Montminy
  5. Combining multi-carbohydrolase and phytase improves performance of growing pigs in connection with nutritional levels, Pierre Cozannet, Thomas Dumont, Marcio Ceccantini, Maamer Jlali, Aurélie Preynat
  6. Influence of high-protein rapeseed meal, feed pelleting conditions and exogenous enzymes on growth performance and nutrient digestibility of pigs, Diego Melo, Eric Royer, Jonatan Dickow, Lone Nielsen, Jens-Frisbæk Sørensen, Thomas Oberholzer, Anna Kreis, Paul Bikker, Knud Erik Bach Knudsen, Enric Esteve-Garcia, Rosil Lizardo


  1. Monitoring piglet water intake after weaning and the influence of water distribution equipment, Rhana Aarts, Clément Moire, Ard Van Enckevort
  2. Feeding behaviour of sows in gestation with precision feeding, Charlotte Gaillard, Aline Julienne, Jean-Yves Dourmad
  3. Body minerals content of reproductive sows, Jean-Yves Dourmad, Etienne, Jean Noblet, Serge Dubois, Anne Boudon
  4. Effects of dietary supplementation with Capsicum powder on lactating sows and their litter performance before and after weaning, Clémence Messant, Rodrigo Pereira De Souza, Sabrina Theodorovich, Eduardo Raele de Oliveira, Camille Rozier
  5. Effect of the dietary calcium level on the performances and bones’ resorption in of lactating sows , Arnaud Samson, Claire Launay, Emmanuel Janvier, Eric Schetelat
  6. Meta-analysis of the efficacy of a novel nutritional supplement to reduce stillbirths, Pieter Langendijk, Marleen Fleuren, Nicolas L’hostis, Greg Page
  7. Efficacy of an eubiotic solution in piglets challenged with Escherichia coli K88, Daniel Planchenault, Anne-Lise mary, Jiri Broz, David Torrallardona
  8. Effects of chelated trace minerals replacing inorganic trace minerals in sow diets on modulation of gene expression in progeny, Ki Beom Jang, Ju Xing Chen, Mireille Huard, Sung Woo Kim
  9. Effects of a plant-based complementary feed on the performance of sows and suckling piglets during lactation, Anne-Cécile Delahaye, Gaëtan Vetea Plichart, Sylviane Boulot
  10. Dietary supplementation of lactating sows with a standardised dry grape extract: improvement in colostrum quality and piglet performances, Paul Engler, Dan Bussières, Agathe Demortreux, Norm Paisley, Amine Benarbia
  11. Effect of live yeast supplementation on zootechnical performance of hyper-prolific sows and their suckling piglets, Marcos Jerez, Maria Oficialdegui, Angel Del Río, Géraldine Kuhn
  12. Effect of supplementation with a live yeast on the zootechnical performance of fattening pigs, Onno Burfeind, Caroline Brueckman, Géraldine Kuhn
  13. Effects of environmental and animal factors on zootechnical response to a mixture of plant extracts with a calming action in fattening pigs, Katia Quéméneur, Marta Fornos, Domingo Carrion, Yannick Lechevestrier, Graziano Mantovani, Maud Le Gall
  14. Incorporation limits of sunflower meal in the diet of fattening pigs, Didier Gaudré and Laurent Alibert
  15. Influence of high-protein forage on performances of growing pigs raised on a fully slatted floor and fed with a liquid feeding system, Constance Drique and Catherine Calvar
  16. Nutritional value of ensiled lucerne and red clover leaves in growing pigs, David Renaudeau, Lene Stødkilde, Soren Krogh Jensen, Paolo Bani, Steffen Adler
  17. Effect of the protein reduction on growth performance in fattening pigs fed ad libitum, Emmanuel Janvier, Francesc Payola, Eric Schetelat, Claire Launay, Arnaud Samson
  18. Effect of reduced dietary digestible protein and digestible amino acid supply imposed in the grower and finisher period or solely in the finisher period on growth traits and carcass protein deposition efficiency in pigs, Giuseppe Bee, Guy Maikoff, Claudia Kasper
  19. Interaction between oil cakes and cereals: what are its effects on the ileal digestibility of nutrients in growing pigs?, Justine Danel, Maxime Traineau, Maria Vilariño
  20. Effects of dietary zinc oxide level on the metabolism of zinc, copper, and iron in weaned pigs, Danyel Bueno Dalto, Frédéric Guay, Yan Martel-Kennes, Guylaine Talbot, Martin Lessard, Jean-Jacques Matte, Jérôme Lapointe
  21. Optimising the feeding strategy improves performance and health status without ZnO in post-weaning piglets, Jan Willem Resink, Wim Lannoy, Niels Jørgen Kjeldsen, Ouidad Bendada, Nicolas L’hostis
  22. Dicopper oxide may promote a positive shift in intestinal microbiota in weanling pigs, Laia Blavi, María Rodriguez, Alessandra Monteiro, Denise Cardoso, David Solà-Oriol, Joaquín Morales
  23. Thymol, carvacrol, and eugenol reduce E. coli K88 growth and virulence gene expression in vitro, Andrea Bonetti, Benedetta Tugnoli, Roberto Manini, Barbara Rossi, Giulia Giovagnoni, Andrea Piva, Ester Grilli
  24. Effect of soybean-free piglet feed on the intestinal health of weaned piglets, Delphine Payros, Alix Pierron, Delphine Gardan-Salmon, Vincent Begos, Joëlle Laffitte, Philippe Pinton, Fabrice Robert, Isabelle P. Oswald
  25. Effects of using natural substitutes for choline and methionine on growing piglets, Angela Atkinson, Jean François Le Roux, Sandra Olivera, Homero Borin, Christophe Alleno
  26. Meta-analysis of 14 studies proves the efficacy of a gut-health additive in improving performance, Nienke De Groot, Yvonne van der Horst, Ouidad Bendada, Coen Smits
  27. Influence of a diet with increased fiber content on the intestinal microbiota of growing pigs, Vanille Déru, Alban Bouquet, Olivier Zemb, Benoit Blanchet, Céline Carillier-Jacquin, Hélène Gilbert
  28. Impact of a xylanase of bacterial origin on in vitro digestibility of different samples of maize stored by inerting technology, Stéphane Benaben, Christelle Boudry, Emmanuel Landeau
  29. Effect of a xylanase/beta-glucanase combination on the performance of post-weaning piglets fed diets differing in net energy and fiber contents, Eric Le Gallic, Ellie Shoesmith, Anne-Marie Debicki-Garnier, Marion Coumailleau, Anaïs Roux, Arnaud Cousin
  30. Piglet responses to branched-chain amino acids and risk management on growth performance: a meta-analysis approach, Aude Simongiovanni, William Lambert, Tristan Chalvon-Demersay, Etienne Corrent
  31. Utility of the probiotic Enterococcus faecium CECT 4515 as an alternative to antibiotics and zinc oxide in weaned piglets, Antonio Vargas Laguna, Carlos Padoza, Alvaro Ortiz Garcia, Mathieu Lepoudere
  32. Effect of mono-component xylanase supplementation on nutrient digestibility in lactating sows, Daniel Planchenault, Anne-Lise Mary, Jean-Marc Thoby, Adam Smith
  33. Efficacy of an algo-clay complex in decreasing mycotoxin toxicity in piglets, Julia Laurain, Raquel Pereira, Jiri Broz, Maria Rodriguez
  34. Feed beta-mannan content influences growth and intestinal inflammation differentially in pre-starter and starter periods, David Guillou, Fabien Alleman, Noëmie Lemoine
  35. Effects of baicalin on muscle and fat cells of piglets , Mairie-Hélène Perruchot, Florence Gondret, Alice Hamard, Fabrice Robert, Frédéric Dessauge
  36. Characterization of a protein-rich yeast extract that can be used as a source of highly digestible protein in feeds for weaned piglets, Géraldine Kuhn and Nadège Richard
  37. Assessing the digestibility and feeding value of a new soya bean protein concentrate in weaned piglets, Anne Huting, Francesc Molist, Marianne Madsen, Albert Van Dijk
  • 13h45 - 15h30

Economics, sociology

Président de séance : Philippe CHOTEAU, Chef du Département Économie de l’Idele

Oral interventions

  1. Quantifying raw material flows used in animal feed in France and segmenting consumption by animal sector, Cécile Cordier, Manon Sailley, Jean-Yves Courtonne, Boris Duflot, François Cadudal, Christophe Perrot, Aude Brion, René Baumont
  2. Effects of the change in protein nutrition of pigs and poultry: modelling at the scale of France; historical and prospective approach, with a focus on swine, Thomas Guilbaud, Nicolas Martin, William Lambert, Josselin Le Cour Grandmaison, Emmanuelle Bourgeat
  3. Synthèse : Working in pig farming: attractiveness factors and constraints, Caroline Depoudent, Nathalie Hostiou, Lisa Le Clerc
  4. Impact of the Covid-19 health crisis on consumption and distribution of pork products in France, Valérie Diot and Boris Duflot
  5. Characterization of pig marketing and pricing methods in some European and North American countries, Elisa Husson and Boris Duflot
  6. Pork chains internationalizing in a context that promotes self-sufficiency, Jan Peter van Ferneij et Boris Duflot


  1. Logistics: an essential factor for the international meat trade, Jan Peter van Ferneij
  • 15h30 – 15h45 - Break and virtual visit - poster exhibition room
  • 15h45 - 17h15


Président de séance : Jean-Yves DOURMAD, Ingénieur de Recherche à l’INRAE

Oral interventions

  1. Eco-friendly feed formulation reduces impacts of pig production without consequences on animal performance, Francine De Quelen, Ludovic Brossard, Aurélie Wilfart, Jean-Yves Dourmad, Florence Garcia-Launay
  2. Quantifying benefits of reducing dietary crude protein on nitrogen emissions of fattening pigs: a meta-analysis, Léa Cappelaere, Jaap Van Milgen, Kostas Syriopoulos, Aude Simongiovanni, William Lambert
  3. Slurry acidification: a way to explore for reducing nitrogen losses by pig farming in the French context, Anne-Sophie Langlois, Nadine Guingand, Solène Lagadec, Daniel Hanocq, Pierre Quideau, Mariana Moreira
  4. What is the impact of manure spreading practices of mixed “pig-cattle” systems in Massif Central grasslands on soil microbiology?, Christophe Djemiel, Samuel Dequiedt, Anna Belsic, Virginie Nowak, Florian Von Kerssenbrock, Catherine Husson, Bruno Douniès, Sylvie Mugnier, Sophie Sadet-Bourgeteau
  5. Indoor concentrations and emission rates of particulate matter: TSP, PM10 and PM2.5 emission factors measured on French pig farms, Nadine Guingand, Solène Lagadec, Mélynda Hassouna, Anne-Laure Boulestreau-Boulay
  6. Implementation of the TARA tool to size and optimize operation of an air scrubber, Solène Lagadec, Eric Dumont, Nadine Guingand, Laurence Loyon, Pierre Le Devehat, Abdeltif Amrane, Annabelle Couvert


  1. Multiphase feeding strategy with low crude protein in fattening pigs: effect on zootechnical performance and on ammonia and greenhouse gas emissions, Solène Lagadec Constance Drique, Aude Simongiovanni, Mareva Bourgeois, Pierre Le Devehat, Mélynda Hassouna
  2. Effect of scraping frequency on ammonia and greenhouse gas emissions in a pig house equipped with a flat ground scraper, Anne-Laure Boulestreau-Boulay, Solène Lagadec, Patrick Massabie, Melynda Hassouna, Denis Olivier, Aude Dubois
  3. Pig slurry management in grasslands of the Massif central, Pascal Levasseur, Laurent Alibert and Bruno Douniès
  4. How do mixed pig-cattle farmers manage their pig waste in the French Massif Central region?, Florian Von Kerssenbrock, Catherine Husson, Samuel Dequiedt, Christophe Djemiel, Bruno Douniès, Sophie Sadet-Bourgeteau, Sylvie Mugnier
  5. Study of the psychological barriers associated with a restricted use of pesticides by pig farmers, Jean-Charles David, Jimmy Dréan, Arnaud Buchet, Sylvain Delouvée
  • 13h45 - 15h

Animal Health

Présidente de séance : Anne HEMONIC, Chef du Département Économie de l’Idele

Oral interventions

  1. Characteristics of pig farms that use high levels of antibiotics and identification of action mechanisms, Isabelle Corrégé, Alexandre Poissonnet, Anne Hémonic
  2. Perceptions of antibiotics and biosecurity in relation to livestock practices and the territory, Jean-Charles David, Arnaud Buchet, Jean-Noël Sialelli, Sylvain Delouvée
  3. Study of the use of autogenous Streptococcus suis vaccines on French pig farms, Morgane Remond, Eric Lewandowski, Dominique Marchand, Patrick Bourguignon, Gwendoline Hervé, Alexis Nalovic, Mily Leblanc Maridor, Catherine Belloc
  4. Effect of feeding vitamin D supplementation on calcium and phosphorus metabolism in piglets fed a deoxynivalenol-contaminated diet, Béatrice Sauvé, Younes Chorfi, Marie-Pierre Létourneau-Montminy, Frédéric Guay
  5. The impact of microbiological parameters in liquid feed distributed to sows on the occurrence of neonatal diarrhoea in piglets: a case-control study, Romane Grandin, Céline Chevance, Justine Jeusselin, Charlotte Teixeira-Costa, Arnaud Lebret, Pauline Berton, Jean Le Guennec, Pierrick Paboeuf, Valérie Normand, Franck Bouchet, Mathieu Brissonnier, Gwenaël Boulbria
  • 15h - 15h15 - Break and virtual visit - poster exhibition room
  • 15h15 - 16h15

Animal health (part 2)

Oral interventions

  1. Effects of a low-protein diet on intestinal health of piglets: a meta-analysis, Diana Luise, Paolo Bosi, Etienne Corrent, Aude Simongiovanni, William Lambert, Paolo Trevisi, Tristan Chalvon-Demersay
  2. Specific combinations of medium-chain fatty acids mitigate the risk of African swine fever virus in feed, Romain D’Inca et Jan Vande Ginste
  3. Assessment of iron supplementation in organic piglets, Armelle Prunier, Maud Pauwels, Laetitia Jaillardon, Mily Leblanc Maridor, Gwendoline Hervé, Vincent Muller, Catherine Belloc, Elodie Merlot
  4. Monitoring piglet behavior after weaning using real-time image analysis in the presence or absence of clinical signs of recurrent influenza in three farrow-to-finish farms in Brittany, Claudio Trombani, Léo Richer and Maëliss Brunon


  1. Technical and economic analysis of the 20 pig farms results during post-weaning, before and after the vaccination against E.coli F4 and F18, Bernard Fily, Fabrice Boutin, Vincent Burlot, Nicolas Geffroy, Fabien Alleman
  2. Monitoring systems for animal health: How do farmers manage animal health?, Alexandre Poissonnet, Aurore Waché, Florence Maupertuis, Soazig Di Bianco, Annie Sigwalt, Mily Leblanc-Maridor, Angélique Travel, Anne-Christine Dufay-Lefort, Justine Defois, Claire Manoli, Pierre Kaufmann, Benoit Dilé, Anne Hémonic
  3. Retrospective evaluation of intervention plans to reduce the use of antibiotics in pig farming, Alexandre Poissonnet, Catherine Cavarait, Isabelle Corrégé, Brigitte Badouard, Anne Hémonic
  4. Characterizing virulence factors of Escherichia coli strains isolated from piglets that showed symptoms of post-weaning diarrhea from 2014-2020, Bernard Fily, Fabrice Boutin, Vincent Burlot, Nicolas Geffroy, Fabien Alleman
  5. Results of an observatory to monitor the impact of a new leptospirosis vaccine for sows, Sylvie Chouët, Laurent Daluzeau, Didier Duivon, Martial Rigaut
  6. Detection of Ascaris suum in slaughtered pigs from Walloon indoor, outdoor or organic pig farms using coprology, serology and liver scoring, Frédéric Smeets, François-Xavier Demarche, Thierry Petitjean, Christian Quinet, Stéphanie Dalle, Martine Laitat
  7. Impact of freezing liquid feed on its microbiological results, Romane Grandin, Céline Chevance, Justine Jeusselin, Charlotte Teixeira-Costa, Arnaud Lebret, Pauline Berton, Jean Le Guennec, Pierrick Paboeuf, Valérie Normand, Franck Bouchet, Mathieu Brissonnier, Gwenaël Boulbria
  8. Supplementing feed with different sources of zinc impacts zootechnical performances, the zinc concentration in feces and pathogen excretion in an ETEC infection model in pigs, Catherine Ollagnier, Maria Rita Mellino, Nicolas Pradervand, Marco Trevola, Sébastien Dubois, Agathe Romeo, Giuseppe Bee
  9. Evolution of technical and economic performance in post-weaning after replacing zinc oxide with an F4/F18 "oral" vaccine to control E. coli diarrhoea, Claudio Trombani, Françoise L’Haridon, Vincent Burlot, Bernard Fily, Fabien Alleman
  10. Impact of a hygiene challenge on adult stem-cell populations in adipose tissue of growing pigs, Audrey Quéméner, Marie-Hélène Perruchot, Frédéric Dessauge, Nathalie Le Floc’h, Isabelle Louveau
  11. Preparing for African Swine Fever. A multi-stakeholder technical committee to adapt biosecurity measures to free-range breeding in Corsica, Marie Gisclard, François Casabianca, Mélanie Gallois
  12. Comparison of live yeast-parietal fraction combination to a ZnO treatment on zootechnical performance of weaned piglets , Alpar Botond, Zoltan Pachinger, Pier Luigi Zanforlin, Géraldine Kuhn
  • 16h30

Closing by Michel MARCON, Digital and R&D Director - IFIP-Institut du porc

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